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Marketing is all about branding our product

What is Marketing and types of marketing?

Marketing is nothing but promotion of products & services. In simple words marketing is the way to know- how can we offer product or service based things to society, that includes market research, delivering, communications, offers to satisfy the needs of the target .

It is a process of planning, executing, pricing and delivery of ideas to satisfy customers needs. Mainly we market our product to reach maximum audience. Marketing is divided into two classes: Traditional marketing and Digital marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is nothing but the conventional methods of marketing. In simple meaning traditional marketing is offline advertisement. Let us suppose we don’t have smartphones or new technologies, Then how product or service-based company would make their product to reach among people.

· Newspaper,
· Magazines,
· Radio channels,
· Sticking their product in bus, train, wall, bus stop, etc ,
· Marketing their product through their workers,
· Television.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online way of marketing by using internet-based technologies using phones, social media and other digital methods. In simple term instead of marketing the product in traditional way, we can market our product to people easily through the digital way.

Digital marketing helps us to target maximum number of people in low budget cost. It gives us the possibility to reach maximum audience which is not possible by using old conventional methods.

· Search engine optimization(SEO),
· Search engine marketing(SEM),
· Social media marketing(SMM),
· Content marketing,
· Email marketing,
· Online advertising.

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